Yoni Samsara was born as a space of motivation and support for all women who are ready to change the culture of shame and enter the world of sexual empowerment.

As we lovingly and consciously care for our Yonis and begin to experience healing not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually, we move away from limiting beliefs and blocks about sexuality.

Although yoni eggs have been around for millennia, very few people have really mastered the subtleties of using them. But it's never too late.

Traditionally, they were used to increase the vitality of women through their sexual energy. Yoni Eggs stimulate and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and sensitize them.

Those women who have incorporated mindful practices with yoni eggs and pleasure wands into their routine have experienced the following benefits:

♥ Decreased shyness and awkwardness when talking about sex

♥ Arouse libido, greater pleasure and sexual capacity

♥ Release from sexual shame

♥ Stronger and more agile vaginal canal and pelvic floor

♥ Improvement in cases of incontinence and prolapse

♥ Increased confidence to show yourself fully in all aspects of life

♥ Surprising and beneficial effects of multiple layers of sexual healing.

♥ Creating a general awareness of your vaginal muscles

♥ Better coordination of your vaginal muscles

♥ Easier to reach Orgasm and greater intensity

♥ Toning of the vagina channel

♥ Increased sexual desire

♥ Greater vaginal lubrication

♥ Reduction of fungal infections

Sexually empowered and wise women are the ones who will heal this Earth by healing ourselves first through acts of self-love and self-care.

By purchasing your yoni egg and/or pleasure wand you are joining a growing number of enlightened women who are explorers into a new world of female sexual health. When we empower ourselves, the healing of our partners, families and cultures will follow naturally. We finally have the freedom and we have the right to explore our own sexuality!